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Art and Tattoo lamps

Goodlands Lighting is a dedicated and professional website for quality Art and Tatoo magnifying and task lighting. Goodlands is the first UK manufacturer of floor standing and table top lamps for crafter's, needleworker's and artists. Their products combine the Daylight technology and some clever accessories created specially for your passion. Click on the categories to see what a difference Daylight makes!

Slimline - Short Floor Lamp

Was: £180.00 Now £169.99

Daylight Professional Artist Lamp 2

Was: £139.00 Now £119.00

Artist Clip-on Studio Lamp (32W)

Was: £89.00 Now £79.00

Easel Lamp

Was: £82.00 Now £75.00

Artist Studio Lamp + Stand (32w)

Was: £125.00 Now £119.00

Wafer 1 Lightbox

Was: £95.00 Now £70.00

Task Lamp XL

Was: £143.00 Now £135.00

16W Table Magnifier Lamp

Was: £75.00 Now £69.99

Daylight Black PL Desk Lamp D33041

Was: £99.00 Now £74.99

Daylight White PL Desk Lamp

Was: £99.00 Now £74.99

Clip-on Flexilight

Was: £53.00 Now £39.99

Twist portable lamp Silver

Was: £63.00 Now £47.99